More than 115,000 employers choose CareWorks as their workers’ compensation Managed Care Organization (MCO) because we provide effective medical management services for Ohio workplace injuries.

CareWorks is an Ohio BWC-certified Managed Care Organization (MCO) through Ohio's Health Partnership Program (HPP). We medically manage nearly 30 percent of all new claims filed in Ohio, and our employer customers represent more than $700 million in workers' compensation premiums.

Our focus is to help injured workers throughout Ohio recover from workplace injury and return to work as quickly and safely as possible.

Effective medical management helps our employer customers develop strategic return-to-work programs to reduce lost time, promote healthy and timely recoveries for their injured employees and help control workers' compensation costs.

We back up everything we do with a commitment to deliver "Customer Service That Exceeds Expectations." And, we've built our operations around a Vision, Mission, Culture and Core Values that are more than just words on paper.

Our Mission

To our employer customers:
To build long-term relationships by consistently delivering best-in-class products and providing customer service that exceeds expectations.

To our associates:
To provide an open, team-oriented environment that rewards high-quality customer service, creativity, innovation and dedication. In addition, we are committed to providing opportunities for continuing professional and personal growth.

Our Culture

CareWorks is not your typical workers' compensation MCO. We think differently, move quickly, and act proactively. We embrace opportunities when we see them, realizing the greatest risk in business is not taking risks. We know competition can come from anywhere at any time, and that customer expectations are constantly changing.

To maintain our competitive edge, CareWorks operates with less bureaucracy and more energy.

Our fast pace energizes us and helps us find success within challenges. Maybe that's why the people at CareWorks love their jobs so much and have so much fun. The personal satisfaction and joy we feel on the job extends beyond the workplace and permeates all aspects of our lives. Our associates are the driving force behind our real tradition of caring.

Our Core Values


Our Leaders

Judy Barrie
VP of Operations Support

John Brinkman
VP Corporate Communications

Dennis Duchene
President and Chief Operating Officer

Lori Finnerty
VP of Quality Assurance

Jennifer Gran
Provider Relations Coordinator

Angie Paul
VP of State Fund Operations

Derek Stern
VP of Customer Relations

Scott Vaka
Chief Sales Officer