Timely reporting of new workplace injuries is a vital part of CareWorks medical management services.

The proper steps to follow when a new workplace injury or accident occurs:

Step 1. The injured worker should notify their employer immediately of their injury/accident and obtain a CareWorks Managed Care Organization (MCO) ID Card.

Step 2. The injured worker should seek treatment from a CareWorks network provider or BWC-certified provider. In emergency situations, injured workers should seek immediate treatment at the nearest medical facility (or call 911 or a local emergency number).

Step 3. The employer should ensure that the injured worker has appropriate transportation to receive initial medical care.

Step 4. Complete a BWC First Report of Injury (FROI) form for the injured employee as fully as possible and submit it to CareWorks as quickly as possible. We offer three options for reporting new injuries:

Step 5. To ensure proper payment of compensable claims, all treatments after the initial treatment must be provided by a CareWorks network provider or BWC-certified provider.

Step 6. The injured worker should complete any company injury reporting forms so you can keep track of injuries as they occur at your worksite.

Step 7. Your CareWorks Account Executive will offer you educational materials (available in either English or Spanish) to further promote timely and accurate injury reporting.